Breast Cancer didn't stop me. Mobetron gave me back my life — in minutes. I had no side effects. It was a miracle, really.”
St. Joseph Hospital cancer patient, survivor and thriver.
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St. Joseph Hospital and the Mobetron: Reducing Cancer Treatment from Weeks to Minutes

The IntraOp® Mobetron® is the first mobile, self-shielded electron-beam linear accelerator (LINAC) designed to deliver Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) to cancer patients during surgery. Most importantly, it enables the right dose of radiation to be delivered to the right depth and location while at once, protecting healthy tissue and organs.

St. Joseph Hospital and the Mobetron are reducing radiation treatment from weeks to just minutes. Two minutes.


Patients and physicians at St. Joseph Hospital discuss the benefits of treating breast cancer with the Mobetron and IORT with electrons.

Electron IORT is very convenient for the patient. It cuts six weeks of conventional whole breast radiation to a single-fraction therapy that is delivered to the patient during surgery. With Mobetron, we are sparing the patient the post-operative radiation changes that they used to experience.”
Surgical Oncologist, St. Joseph Hospital

Treat Breast Cancer in Only Minutes.

With the IntraOp Mobetron, it’s possible. Now available at The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, California.


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I feel fortunate that my Breast Cancer Treatment lasted just a few minutes—not six weeks. Getting back to life was key. Mobetron made it easy.”
St. Joseph Hospital cancer patient, survivor and thriver.
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Why IORT with Electrons?

Traditionally, breast cancer treatment required as many as six weeks of external beam radiation therapy following breast-conserving surgery. Not anymore. Electron-based IORT delivers an equivalent treatment in as few as two minutes, during surgery.

Mobetron is proven successful in delivering:
  • Highly targeted radiation
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Fewer side effects
  • Greater comfort
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Better cosmetic results
  • Improved quality of life

Clinical research proves that IORT is both safe and effective for qualified candidates; offering a highly precise dose directly to the tumor bed. To date, the IntraOp Mobetron has treated patients with over 21 different types of cancer.

Mobetron has proven successful in safely treating these cancers:
  • Breast
  • Head & Neck
  • Colorectal
  • Pancreatic
  • Sarcomas
  • Gynecological
My breast cancer treatment with the Mobetron was amazing—just two minutes during surgery. I was treated on Thursday, rested up on Friday, and then went to a concert on Saturday.”
St. Joseph Hospital cancer patient, survivor and thriver.

Now available at:

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital is the first hospital in Orange County to offer this advanced form of radiation therapy for breast cancer patients. Learn more about how they use the Mobetron to treat qualified candidates. Or call today and speak with the Manager of Radiation Oncology at St. Joseph Hospital about your eligibility for breast cancer treatment using IORT.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is a candidate for IORT with electrons?

Only your doctor can determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for IORT. But you owe it to yourself and your family to learn as much as possible about Mobetron and electron-beam IORT.

Is this a new technology?

In terms of medical technology, no. IntraOp is the pioneer in portable electron-beam Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT). The Mobetron has been FDA approved since 1998 and has been utilized to treat more than 7,000 breast cancer patients.

Should I expect any side effects?

Clinical research confirms that IORT with electrons produce fewer side effects than many forms of radiotherapy. Typically, there is minor redness, soreness and bruising that might occur. Speak with your doctor about what to anticipate.

Questions? Download the Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment with Mobetron.

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About IntraOp and Mobetron

IntraOp is based in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. We employ the world’s leading physicists, engineers and designers to deliver electron-based cancer treatment devices to the world’s leading surgeons, radiation oncologists and their patients. Our name embodies the future of cancer therapy. IntraOp is accelerating the cure.

About St. Joseph Hospital

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital provides access to and coordination of the best resources for preventing, fighting and curing cancer. Ours is the first center of its kind in Orange County, and one of a few nationwide to offer preventive care, diagnosis, treatment and clinical trials in one convenient location, and we are the sole California participant in the National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers Program. Led by physicians and staff dedicated to compassionate clinical excellence, our multidisciplinary teams render site-specific cancer care with survival rates exceeding state and national standards.
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