Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)

In modern treatment, nearly every leading cancer program uses some form of radiation to augment surgery. Historically, radiation therapy involved a time-consuming and imprecise external procedure that put a patient’s healthy tissue and organs at greater risk. Indirect doses of radiation were administered before or after the surgical procedure. Sometimes it was both. Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) revolutionized that traditional model by administering radiation during the surgical process. It’s safer, more accurate and it saves the hospital and the patient a considerable amount of time. And time is money. Beyond that, clinical data confirms that successful outcomes with IORT are simply more consistent. The advantages are clear.

Why Electron IORT?

As effective as it is, IORT still has its share of critics. But those issues are largely rooted in bygone misperceptions related to patient transport and the considerable investment attributed to staff and capital equipment. The idea of radiation in the operating room previously required cost-prohibitive retrofits to ensure safe operation and shielding. During that time, IORT was based on proton-beam technologies and closely-related photon therapies. Fortunately, that era is over.

The game changed when IntraOp introduced electrons to the equation. Targeted radiation using electron IORT delivered by a self-shielded unit meant that safe radiation could be brought to the operating room and in turn, to the patient. That innovation enabled portability and further reduced overall costs while improving dose distribution and consistency with more rapid fall-off rates of radiation and lesser damage to surrounding normal tissues. Shorter treatment times and less invasive surgery now equates to greater patient comfort during treatment and shorter recovery times with improved cosmesis following surgery.

With the IntraOp® Mobetron®, the next generation in cancer treatment is here. Now.

Is electron radiation therapy the best solution in every instance? No. There are many effective approaches also proven to treat cancer. But electron-beam Intraoperative Radiation Therapy should be an integrated component in every comprehensive cancer program. The data supports the claim. Electron-beam IORT works and it is made better with Mobetron.

IORT and Mobetron

The benefits associated with electron IORT are many; safe, portable, precise, agile, consistent. To name just a few. For patients, the results are life-changing; shorter treatment, quicker recovery and better cosmesis. Let’s talk about how Mobetron can put electron IORT to work for your facility.

Moreover, let’s work together to accelerate the cure.

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