Solutions for Radiation Oncologists

Much has changed in ionized radiology within a very short time. Technology is advancing to become more portable. Treatment delivery codes and criteria are evolving. More cancers are being successfully treated with radiation. And you’re working more closely with surgeons and other members of the cancer therapy team in the operating room rather than the bunker.

But what will never change is your unparalleled commitment to providing safe, accurate and effective doses of radiation to patients in need. It’s a commitment to trust. Electron-based IORT with the IntraOp® Mobetron® ensures that commitment by sparing healthy surrounding tissue and organs, providing necessary boosts and reducing radiation treatment times. That means more patients and in turn, more efficient patient workflows.

Radiation Oncologists and Mobetron

Advancements in radiology are evolving more quickly than ever. So is the way you work with physicians and the number of patients you treat. But your commitment to ensure safe, effective treatment remains steadfast. Let’s talk about how Mobetron can double down on your commitment.

Moreover, let’s work together to accelerate the cure.

Meet The Mobetron
IntraOp® Mobetron®