Solutions for Hospital Administrators

The reputation of your cancer treatment facility hinges on your ability to recruit world-class oncologists. Those who can collaborate to leverage pioneering technologies and therapies for the benefit of their patients. It’s an investment in talent and technology. And your technology must be proven, precise and reliable.

By partnering with IntraOp and integrating electron-based IORT as a core component of your treatment portfolio endorses your leadership position and underscores your commitment to patient care. It further defines your facility as a pre-eminent cancer program; attracting patients and physician talent alike. Modern IORT delivers a clear competitive advantage and further streamlines facility workflow. Let’s discuss the many ways in which IntraOp® Mobetron® will enable a greater return on your investment.

Hospital Administrators and Mobetron

Time is money. Every investment in every aspect of your comprehensive treatment program is based on making your facility more efficient. More effective. Mobetron makes saving—time, money and patients—more feasible. Let’s talk about how Mobetron can help your facility save.

Moreover, let’s work together to accelerate the cure.

Meet The Mobetron
IntraOp® Mobetron®