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IntraOp® and the IntraOp® Mobetron® improve cancer patient survival rates and reduce rates of recurrence. We have the patient success stories and the clinical data to prove it. Many of the world’s leading cancer programs rely on it. Electron-beam IORT in the operating room enables hospitals and clinics to safely treat more patients more quickly. And perhaps most importantly, more safely by utilizing self-shielded technology that is so precise that it only affects the tumor bed. As an efficient and effective component of any comprehensive cancer program, Mobetron is a competitive advantage and is an investment in your talent and your patients that will save money over time. Let us show you how.

Mobetron was the ideal solution for University Hospitals Case Medical Center. Our radiation and surgical oncology teams were intent on using electron-beam IORT. Because the device was self-shielded and completely portable, we were able to deploy it in an existing operating room and save millions of dollars in special construction costs.

Timothy J. Kinsella, MD Chairman and Professor. Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio.

Surgical Oncologist

Surgical Oncologists

For the facility, time is money. But for your patients, time can be the difference in ensuring a longer life of quality. You’re in the operating room to provide that quality. That comfort. That cure. Accurately and efficiently. Let’s work together to accelerate a cure. Your talent supported by our technology can do just that.

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Radiation Oncologist

Radiation Oncologists

You know the advantages to IORT; a precise dose of radiation to the tumor bed during a single session. It preserves more healthy tissue and organs, shortens treatment times and delivers a boost during surgery, if necessary. It’s changed the way you work with surgeons and the results you’ve seen in those patients you treat.

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Hospital Administrators

Hospital Administrators

Any capital investment must deliver results. It’s a business. We can show you how your facility can save money and run more efficiently as a result of electron-beam IORT. We can show you how it can attract the brightest physicians and radiation specialists. And bottom line, we can show you how we can help you improve the patient outcomes at the core of your mission.

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