Cancer Survivor / Thrivers

Each of these incredible women has a unique story. But so too are they much the same. Listen as they share their stories of hope and the confidence they have in their doctors and how electron IORT with the IntraOp® Mobetron® removed any doubts about how best to treat the cancer that interrupted their lives. We were moved in hearing about how they would go on living after successful treatment at Avera Regional Cancer Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. These women prove they aren’t simply surviving. They are thriving. And their doctors attest to the tools that helped these stories come to life.

The Mobetron saved my life. I am grateful to my doctor and the medical team at University of California at San Francisco Medical Center for providing access to this groundbreaking treatment. I urge fellow patients to educate themselves on the benefits of IOERT and to seek out facilities that offer this type of treatment.”

Caitlyn Nuijens, Age 14. Treated at age 5.

Success Stories


Following her life-affirming electron IORT treatment during breast-conserving surgery, Luann says about the Mobetron, “You won’t believe the difference it will make.”


“With the Mobetron available, go for it,” Stage One breast cancer survivor, Noreen tells other women how her IORT treatment was made easier and more comfortable with Mobetron.


“Why remove healthy breast tissue when you can save what you have?” asked Lonna’s doctor, Julie Reiland. Hear how Mobetron played a role in Lonna’s treatment. And got her back to life.


Patty shares her emotional journey of Breast Cancer treatment at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California. Her doctor, Mary Wilde, MD, gave her electron radiation therapy (IORT) with the Mobetron after removing a tumor during breast conserving surgery.

Claudine and Dr. Michele Carpenter

Claudine was in the right place after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. Michele Carpenter, MD. and her team identified Claudine as a good candidate for Electron IORT Therapy with the Mobetron.

Dr. Julie Reiland

Dr. Julie Reiland, MD, Breast Surgeon — from Avera Regional Cancer Center — shares her passion and experience in treating patients and electron IORT with the Mobetron.

I believe a cancer diagnosis changes everyone’s life. The doctors at Avera minimized the dramatic, scary changes. By using Mobetron, they made it feel it was a routine procedure, you would get through it, and you’re going to be fine. As of today, I am cancer-free.”


Breast Cancer Patient and Survivor/Thriver, Avera Regional Cancer Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Dr. James Simon

“It was pretty clear to us that treatment with the Mobetron was superior to delivery using a linear accelerator,” said Dr. James Simon, MD. He shares his reasons.

Dr. Mary Wilde

“In terms of why cosmetic outcome is superior, when we use Mobetron, we don’t have to radiate through the skin.” said Dr. Mary Wilde, MD. Dr. Wilde shares her experience in treating her breast cancer patients with IORT with the Mobetron.

Dr. Kenneth Shimizu

Dr. Kenneth Shimizu, Radiation Oncologist — from Scripps Memorial — discusses the advantages of using the Mobetron. This includes the positive effects of a shorter treatment time and the collaboration it brings to the operating room.

It has to be the best. And that’s why we chose Mobetron. I really wanted something I could count on. That I really felt I could look my patients in the eye and tell them; ‘Yes, this is the best device' and there isn’t anybody that is going to get it better.”

Dr. Julie Reiland Smith, MD

Breast Surgeon, Avera Regional Cancer Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The tool designed for change.

It’s been said that the right tools can enable change. But only in skilled hands. At IntraOp, we’re proud to share the stories of how the Mobetron is used by the world’s best physicians and radiology oncologists to bring new hope to their patients and their families. It is a hope that their lives will return to better. And remain forever for the better.

Let’s work together to accelerate the cure.

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