Cancer Changes Lives

It can be a terrifying proposition given everything that we hear about the disease. Yet you should know that every day you’re alive means another advancement in the treatment options and technology available at leading hospitals and cancer clinics. Anymore, cancer can be treated precisely and patients can get back to living their lives after treatment that occurs in minutes, not weeks. Moreover, complications and recurrence rates are significantly lower than in days past.

How? Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT). It’s a proven treatment option for many cancers that distributes a safe dose of radiation during surgery rather than before or after.

So is electron IORT an appropriate treatment for you and your family? Only your doctor knows for sure, but you owe it to yourself and your family to learn as much as you can about the successful outcomes that IORT can provide. Learn as much as you can. Do your research. Ask your doctor. Get a second opinion. But you should know that the IntraOp® Mobetron® are used by many of the leading cancer physicians in the best hospitals, clinics and academic centers around the world. But for us, the reason we continue to innovate is to further advance the quality of life for the patients who are thriving after cancer.

Are You a Candidate for IORT?

To be eligible for IORT, your doctor will determine whether you are an appropriate candidate. IORT is most successful for early-stage patients with the following cancer incidents:

  • Breast
  • Pancreatic
  • Colorectal
  • Gynecological
  • Head and Neck
  • Sarcomas

Patient Benefits

  • More targeted radiation
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Fewer side effects
  • Greater comfort
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Fewer recurring incidents
  • Better cosmetic outcomes
  • Greater rates of survivability
  • Improved quality of life