Accelerating the Cure

IntraOp is the leading innovator of electron therapy devices for treating cancer. IntraOp’s compact and mobile linear accelerators enable oncologists to deliver effective, precise, and affordable radiation therapy at the point of care. The Mobetron is the most comprehensive electron therapy linear accelerator system with applications in intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) and non-invasive treatment of skin cancer. Our technology unlocks new treatment options for patients and increases the accessibility of effective treatment. Leading oncologists, hospitals, and research centers all over the world utilize IntraOp’s products to improve patient care.

Healthcare Professionals

Image-guided Accuracy for the Modern OR

IntraOp is the leader in portable electron Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT). Our image-guided approach delivers unparalleled planning and precision.

Why IntraOp for IORT?
• Proven outcomes
• Precise dose delivery
• Self-shielded platform
• Shorter treatment
• Broad clinical applications
• 3D treatment planning

FLASH Effect

Precision Treatment in Microseconds

IntraOp is the first to offer ultra-high dose rate electron therapy for preclinical investigation of FLASH on an established clinical platform.

Why IntraOp for FLASH?
• Approved for trials
• Platform scalability
• Simplicity of electrons
• Dynamic pulse modulation
• Larger clinical volumes
• Proven clinical platform

Electron Therapy for Skin Cancer

Electron Therapy for Skin Cancer

IntraOp provides a convenient, non-invasive alternative to surgery. Electron therapy enables patients to keep living their active lives with little to no recovery time.

Why IntraOp for Non-melanoma Skin Cancer?
• Compact design
• Greater precision
• Enhanced productivity
• Excellent cosmesis
• No scarring
• Lower cost of ownership


Innovation: Let us introduce you to Mobetron.

Since 1997, the Mobetron continues to transform cancer treatment. The advantages extend from the hospital, to physician and patient.

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Technology: Why IORT with electrons?

For starters, portability. A self-shielded LINAC meant safe radiation could be brought to the operating room and in turn, to the patient.

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Locations: Where in the world is Mobetron?

Mobetron is closer than you think. More than forty units treating patients in the world's leading cancer centers. And counting.

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Contact: Let's work together. Wherever.

By now, you know the advantages of Mobetron and electron IORT. The next step is worth discussing. Let's talk about it.

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