Solutions for Surgical Oncologists

How does Mobetron keep its promise of accelerating the cure? By continuously moving forward. By working with you and your surgical team to better understand the issues you you face in the operating room. By pioneering the next generation of technology to win the battle against cancer.

Yes, we have an exceptional track record with early-stage breast cancer, but beyond that, Mobetron has been clinically proven to treat more types of cancer than other modalities: Colorectal, gastric, esophageal, head and neck, soft tissue, extremity and retroperitoneal sarcomas, gynecological, bladder, pancreatic, renal, and pediatric cancers. And we’re seeing exemplary results in research that supports the efficacy of IORT for lung and prostrate cancer. It’s more flexible. More reliable. More effective.

Surgical Oncologists and Mobetron

For patients with cancer, more time can mean the promise of a longer life. A life of quality. You’re in the operating room to deliver that quality and that time. As well as that comfort and recovery in less time than ever. Let’s talk about how Mobetron can help you deliver.

Moreover, let’s work together to accelerate the cure.

Meet The Mobetron
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