Mobetron: Designed For The OR

For surgical oncologists, Mobetron serves a critical collaborative role in efficiently and effectively delivering an ablative dose of radiation directly to the tumor bed at the optimal biological time. It ensures confidence among surgical specialists that microscopic and residual cancers have been effectively treated.

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Electron Beam IORT Affirmed by ASTRO

In its most recent APBI Consensus Statement, ASTRO offered “published evidence complemented by expert opinion” in distinguishing Mobetron from all other IORT treatment options available in the fight against breast cancer. In fact, electron IORT — as performed with the Mobetron— is the only single treatment radiation option for suitable patients affirmed by the ASTRO consensus.

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The End of the Shielded OR

By enabling truly patient-specific treatment among surgeons and radiation oncologists, Mobetron improves efficiency by reducing treatment from weeks to minutes. And it gets entire surgical teams into the OR and up and running quickly. Faster treatment times mean fewer personnel are required and a greater number of patients may be treated. All of this equates to being able to focus on increased productivity and maximizing economics.

Time is critical and shorter treatment times deliver a host of benefits. But it doesn’t end there. Mobetron is also the tool that surgical teams can configure for their most efficient workflows. Mobetron’s thin-walled applicators provide virtually no dose to the skin and may be conformed to a variety of anatomical structures and tumor geometries. With field sizes ranging from 3 cm to 20 cm and treatment depths of up to 4 cm, Mobetron is simply the most flexible and powerful IORT device available.

Physician Success Stories

Dr. Julie Reiland

Dr. Julie Reiland, MD, Breast Surgeon — from Avera Regional Cancer Center — shares her passion and experience in treating patients and electron IORT with the Mobetron.

Claudine and Dr. Michele Carpenter

Claudine was in the right place after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. Michele Carpenter, MD. and her team identified Claudine as a good candidate for Electron IORT Therapy with the Mobetron.

Dr. Mary Wilde

“In terms of why cosmetic outcome is superior, when we use Mobetron, we don’t have to radiate through the skin.” said Dr. Mary Wilde, MD. Dr. Wilde shares her experience in treating her breast cancer patients with IORT with the Mobetron.

It has to be the best. And that’s why we chose Mobetron. I really wanted something I could count on. That I really felt I could look my patients in the eye and tell them; ‘Yes, this is the best device' and there isn’t anybody that is going to get it better.”

Julie Reiland Smith, MD

Breast Surgeon, Avera Regional Cancer Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

We now have doctors sending their patients to us from other communities because they recognize that Mobetron is a better treatment for their patients.”

Mary Wilde, MD

Surgical Oncologist, Scripps Memorial Hospital, California

What Makes Mobetron Different?

Why would more patients choose your cancer facility? Because your talent and technology are better than your competitors. Or put another way, you have something they want. Something that sets you apart. Our customers say it best: Mobetron is their differentiator. And the best oncologists want it as part of their arsenal in the fight against cancer. In fact, cancer centers that use Mobetron attract more qualified patients from a larger catchment area and the technology is a magnet for recruiting the world’s top oncological talent.

The Mobetron Demonstration

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