Mobetron: The Best Strategy For Boost

As a boost strategy, IORT with electrons has been analyzed in multiple clinical studies with more than 10 years of follow-up. The results show improved local control, reduced toxicity, and excellent long-term cosmesis.

Electron IORT during BCS as preceding boost strategy has possible advantages in terms of precision, patient comfort, and, in theory, also a potential beneficial influence on late cosmesis. Long term results provide outstanding in-breast tumor control rates in every risk group.”


Radiother Oncol 2013; 108:279 - 86

The Clinical Evidence Supports Mobetron

In a clinical analysis of 5,000 patients with 20-year follow-up, patients receiving a boost benefited from a reduced chance of local recurrence. And the same study indicated a greater than 10% reduction for patient cohorts under 40 years old compared with those receiving only whole breast irradiation and no boost.

IntraOp® Mobetron® delivers the boost radiation as a 1-minute treatment in an unshielded OR during breast conserving therapy (BCT). This shortens external beam x-ray radiation therapy by as much as a week while improving outcomes. In fact, the best clinical results ever published for breast cancer patients was from the European ISIORT, which pooled analysis of seven centers performing electron IORT boost. This improved boost strategy resulted in lower recurrence rates than the best published results for patients treated with external beam x-ray radiation boost by a factor of 3-4 in every age group.

Publications For Boost (Breast)

November 6, 2017

A prospective phase I comparison of toxicity and cosmesis outcomes of single-fraction IORT and hypofractionated radiotherapy with IORT boost in early-stage breast cancer

After breast conservation surgery, SF or HfB may be an option for patients with early-stage breast cancer compared to conventional external beam radiotherapy.

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May 11, 2013

Fastner, G. et al., “IORT with Electrons as Boost Strategy During Breast Conserving Therapy in Limited Stage Breast Cancer: Long-term Results of an ISIORT Pooled Analysis.” (2013)

In all risk groups, a 10 Gy IOERT boost prior to WBI provided outstanding local control rates, comparing favorably to all trials with similar length of follow-up.

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May 9, 2018

Survival and local control rates of triple-negative breast cancer patients treated with boost-IOERT during breast-conserving surgery

The purpose of this work was to retrospectively evaluate survival and local control rates of triple-negative breast cancer subtypes classified as five marker negative (5NP) and core basal (CB), respectively, after breast-conserving surgery and intraoperative boost radiotherapy with electrons (IOERT) followed by whole breast irradiation.

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Mobetron IORT Boost vs. Typical Treatment

The Mobetron Advantage


Enables flexible movement within and between OR suites


Eliminates costly construction and retrofitting


Published evidence complemented by expert opinion


Proven efficacy in multiple cancer indications


Electron-beam IORT delivers radiation to only involved tissue


Treatment in minutes facilitates more procedures

Bottom-Line Productivity In The OR With Mobetron

Mobetron delivers significantly better productivity compared to traditional external-beam radiation treatments. In calculating Mobetron’s efficiency gains in Facilities and Personnel, less is more. The portable, self-shielded design of Mobetron requires absolutely no costly bunker construction or facility retrofitting. Its soft-docking laser-alignment system gets surgical teams working quickly. And two-minute integrated treatment times equate to more procedures during the course of each daily unit.

These are bold claims. But oncologists who use Mobetron know that precision in dose and volume and uniformity in dosimetry are vital in the operating room. Combine that with shorter treatment cycles and minimized impact to healthy tissue, and Mobetron is an effective, productive, and safe solution. We have the numbers to prove it.

Local Recurrences Significantly Reduced In Every Age Group

The IntraOp Mobetron delivers significantly better productivity compared to traditional external-beam radiation treatments.

Taking The Next Step In Breast Cancer Treatment

At IntraOp, we are driven by innovations that can win the battle against cancer. Now we know more is possible with Mobetron. The world’s best oncologists tell us it’s a necessary component in their toolkit. Healthcare executives tell us Mobetron is a magnet for attracting new patients and the world’s greatest oncological talent. With Mobetron, we’re accelerating the cure.

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