APBI vs. WBI : The Results are Clear

October 20, 2015

The GEC-ESTRO Phase III trial validates the oncologic concept of APBI.

The results of the GEC-ESTRO phase III trial comparing APBI versus WBI are significant and potentially practice changing in that they indicate for the first time (in a large, well-designed, contemporary phase III trial with adequate follow-up) that the scientific concept of treating only the lumpectomy cavity (plus a proper margin) is just as effective and safe as treating the whole breast in selected patients with early stage breast cancer.

The importance of this finding is that radiation therapy (administered in this targeted fashion) can be delivered in a much shorter period of time, both reducing the cost and morbidity of post-lumpectomy radiation while also improving the quality of life of women who choose to preserve their breasts.

Download the full comparison (524kB PDF):