IntraOp to exhibit at ASTRO 2017 (San Diego, California, US)

September 16, 2017

IntraOp is participating in the 2017 ASTRO Annual Meeting: Sept. 24-26, San Diego Convention Center, Booth #2747

IntraOp will be highlighting and demonstrating several new innovations in our product offering, including:

IntraOp® Prelude™ IORT Management Software — Full functioning version our new software system.  This product will aid our users to more quickly and more accurately treat patients, automate the QA process, enable data analysis and reporting, as well as include DICOM connectivity for connecting to the hospitals information system as well as Aria® and Mosaiq®.  This product will be compatible with all Mobetron 2000 models and is scheduled to have FDA and CE approval by April 2018.

Auto Docking System — New docking system for the Mobetron which includes the ability to automatically soft dock.  Auto docking speeds up treatment times and reduces the training time needed for new users working with the Mobetron.  The new autodocking system is expected to be commercially available by June 2018 and can be implemented as an upgrade on any Mobetron sold since 2014.

Pneumatic Positioning Arm — This system connects to the air supply in the operating room and enables physicians to have more flexibility and speed in setting up and aligning our light weight applicators for patient treatment.  This product has been commercially available since July 31, 2017.

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