Introducing Mobetron Single-Button Pneumatic Alignment

April 26, 2017

NEW TECH: IORT Treatments Become Quicker and Easier with Mobetron Single-Button Pneumatic Alignment

Leading cancer centers around the world depend upon IntraOp® Mobetron® and electron-beam IORT for greater productivity in the operating room. With the power to deliver a full treatment of 20Gy in just 2 minutes, the Mobetron is already the fastest and most effective way to deliver IORT. But can the Mobetron—with its portable, self-shielded technology and soft-docking alignment—further improve upon treatment times and assist oncologists by maximizing control and in turn, be even quicker and easier to use?

Now, the answer is yes.

Our newest innovation, a single-button pneumatic alignment arm provides a range of motion that is nearly limitless. It enables control and articulation easily guided by a single hand. All designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your procedure.

Academics and oncologists like Professor Werner Audretsch, Director of the Clinic for Senology and Breast Surgery at Marien Hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany says the single-button pneumatic arm for Mobetron speeds up treatment times by several minutes.