ESTRO35 e-Poster: Redefining Electron Beam Treatment Parameters

May 23, 2016

Do We Need to Redefine Electron Beam Treatment Parameters for IORT Applications?

Goer D.A., Krechetov A.S., Adamczyk S.; IntraOp Medical, Sunnyvale, CA


The large number of conventional electron accelerators on the market far exceeds the small, but growing number of mobile IORT LINACS suitable for use in unshielded operating rooms. We discuss the technical aspects of the treatment beams produced by small mobile IORT LINACS and question whether the beam parameter characterization for mobile IORT units needs to be redefined to better reflect mobile IORT applications, provide more meaningful information for clinicians, and provide a basis for future technological development in the industry.

For more information download the e-poster link: ESTRO35 e-Poster

ESTRO35 e-Poster