The future of IORT: Image-Guided Electron Therapy

October 17, 2018


IntraOp Prelude

The Comprehensive Management System for IORT. A new and integrated transformation in the management of IORT, IntraOp® Prelude™ is the first step to maximizing the efficiency and precision of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy in the OR.

IntraOp Sightline

The Interventional Oncologic Imaging solution for IORT. Designed to further refine the precision of Mobetron, Sightline provides three-dimensional line of sight for physicians administering radiation treatment during surgery. See what you’ve been missing.

IntraOp Mobetron

The First Electron Beam Linear Accelerator for IORT. Used by the leading cancer physicians and radiation oncologists in the most innovative and proven hospitals, clinics and academic centers the world over, IntraOp® Mobetron® is the new standard in IORT.

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