Williams, C.P. et al., “Clinical Results of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy for Patients with Locally Recurrent and Advanced Tumors Having Colorectal Involvement.” (2008)


Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) maybe useful in the treatment of patients who have a locally advanced primary and recurrent abdominopelvic neoplasm with colorectal involvement.


A retrospective review of colorectal cancer patients treated since 1999 with IORT using the Mobetron device.


Forty patients underwent colectomy or proctectomy with IORT. All patients had evidence of local extension to contiguous structures and based on preoperative staging were deemed by the operating surgeons as being likely to have incomplete resection. IORT was selected as an alternative to sacrectomy or exenteration for an expected close margin in 10 patients. Mean survival was 35 + 26 months, and 1 patient had local recurrence.


The introduction of IORT has allowed a selective treatment approach to locally advanced primary and recurrent neoplasms, which traditionally would have been deemed unresectable. Using IORT, extended resections may be avoided in selected high-risk patients with low risk of local recurrence and minimal morbidity.